Nursing Students Win a Gold Medal of “2020 Cochrane Empirical Medicine Microfilm Competition”

  • 2021-05-18
  • Ya-Ying, Zhuang

AU Students from the Department of Nursing outshone others in the “2020 Cochrane Empirical Medicine Microfilm Competition,” organized by Wiley and Shou Ray Information Service Co., Ltd.  Zu-Er Zhang, Yu-Shan Huang and Ci-Min Lai won a gold medal for their work entitled “One-day Street Visit of a Cochrane Commissioner,” and Yi-nong Lin and Yong-xiang Yao won a masterpiece award for their work, “Hangover.” 

     Prof. Hua-Shan Wu, Dean of the College of Nursing at AU, said that Evidence-based Nursing (EBN) is the trend in the nursing profession. Students have to learn to find the best literature from huge medical databases and judge the credibility of data through strict reading processes, to make the best clinical decision based on evidence, and to meet the requirement of precision-nursing.  These abilities constitute the so-called Nursing 4E (Empathy, Efficacy, Evidence, and Evolution) for future nursing developments.

     Professor Li-chun Lee, the advisor for the competition team, said that students were trained step-by-step from familiarizing themselves with the PICO approach, understanding the clinical problems, designing feasible research methods, determining the validity of evidence, and searching for appropriate strategies from the database, etc. Most of the students were able to demonstrate their ability in critical thinking, innovation and teamwork in the process of conceiving and shooting short-films. 

     Zu-Er Zhang, one of the gold medal winners, said that it was the first time she participated in a national competition, and that she would like to show her appreciation to the teacher’s painstaking guidance and to her team members who worked closely with each other. In the end, their diligence has paid off with a coveted gold medal!

     Yi-nong Lin, the masterpiece award winner, said that they enjoyed shooting and making videos, and that preparing for this competition, he has learned many useful skills in addition to nursing. This unique experience illuminates his path in his future career planning. He believes that he can combine different skills and work as a slashie in the future. By the way, the aforementioned awards were granted in the closing ceremony of the annual competition held by the Taiwan Evidence-Based Nursing Association.